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White Fillings in Bolton
White Tooth Fillings in Bolton
White Fillings | Bolton

White fillings

Say goodbye to unsightly metal fillings that can prevent you from smiling with carefree abandon.

Our dentists at Harwood Dental Care in Bolton can replace amalgam fillings with mercury-free, tooth-coloured fillings that are invisible, allowing you to smile and laugh with greater confidence.

By carefully colour-matching a super-strong composite material with your natural teeth, we can blend your filling so that no-one will know it has ever been filled. The result? A beautiful, natural, brighter smile.

For more information about white fillings or to book an appointment, please contact us today! Call us on 01204 304568, email info@harwooddentalcare.co.uk or complete our appointment form.

Why have this treatment with us?

  • Smile and laugh with greater confidence
  • Fillings are colour-matched to your own teeth
  • White fillings are mercury free
  • Visit us for a free initial cosmetic consultation
  • A beautiful, natural-looking smile

Take a look through our patient gallery below to see real-life examples of how white fillings can transform your smile and make the fact that you’ve had dental work almost impossible to spot.

What is a composite white filling?

Composite fillings are usually resin-based and applied as a putty-like material that can be moulded perfectly to your teeth. White fillings are popular because they can be carefully colour-matched to blend in, making the fact that you’ve had dental work almost impossible to spot. Teeth normally need less preparation with white fillings than with amalgam fillings.

Are white fillings as good as amalgam fillings?

For a long time, it was the case that although white fillings were better from an aesthetic perspective, they weren’t as strong as amalgam fillings. These days, the materials we use for white composite fillings are much stronger and comparable to silver amalgam. White fillings tend to cause less sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks. We would always discuss the life expectancy of a white filling with you before you approve your treatment.

Should I replace my amalgam fillings with white fillings straight away?

We may recommend that you wait until your amalgam fillings need replacing before putting white fillings in their place. It will depend on your individual case, so we’d always suggest that you come in to Harwood Dental Care for a consultation.

Are there alternatives to fillings?

In some cases, a dental crown or veneer may be a better way of repairing the appearance and function of a tooth. Again, it would depend on your individual case.

The cost on your treatment will depend on the size, position and number of fillings you require. As a guide, white fillings at Harwood Dental Care typically cost from £85.

White fillingsfrom £85

When you come to us for white fillings, we will provide a thorough estimate of your proposed treatment, giving you complete visibility and choice before you commit to going ahead.

If you are having white fillings as part of a wider treatment plan valued at £1,000 or more and you would like to spread the cost, we offer interest-free and low interest finance for up to 24 months.