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Clear braces

Clear braces have revolutionised orthodontic treatment for adults and are ideal if you want straighter teeth but would like to keep the fact that you’re wearing braces under wraps.

We offer super-clear aligners that look like thin mouth guards and are virtually invisible, as well as clear fitted braces where the brackets are fixed onto the teeth for a quick acting, low visibility solution. Our orthodontic range also includes lingual braces that fit onto the back of the teeth making them invisible from the front.

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Why have this treatment with us?

  • A choice of clear brace solutions
  • Virtually invisible teeth straightening
  • Quick acting treatment
  • Interest-free and low interest finance options
  • Free, no-obligation initial consultation

Take a look through our patient gallery below to see real-life examples of how clear braces have transformed our patients’ smiles.

  • Clear, affordable invisalign braces in Bolton
  • Straightening teeth with clear, invisalign braces

What clear brace and aligner systems do you offer?


Invisalign® uses a series of lightweight, custom-made clear aligners that are created just for you and worn over the teeth for around 23 hours a day. You change the aligners every two weeks to move your teeth quickly and effectively towards their final, straighter position. Invisalign® aligners are incredibly popular because they can be removed for eating, cleaning, brushing your teeth and the occasional night out. They’re almost invisible to other people and very comfortable to wear. For more information, visit www.invisalign.co.uk

Simply Smile

Simply Smile braces are clear ceramic brackets with tooth-coloured wires, so the whole brace blends to the colour of your teeth making it very discreet. Simply Smile is specifically designed to straighten your front six teeth – sometimes called ‘the social six’ because they’re the teeth people see when you smile – so, rather than treating how your back teeth bite together, we focus on improving your smile. This means treatment is much quicker than traditional orthodontics.

Simply Smile braces exert light forces on to your teeth to gently encourage them into their new positions using a series of traditional and modified techniques. For more information visit, www.simply-smiles.co.uk

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a tooth-coloured orthodontic system that allows our adult patients from across Bolton and greater Manchester to achieve straighter smiles in around six to nine months using ultra-clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. Some people are put off by the length of time they assume orthodontic treatment takes and many think they will have to have teeth taken out - but that’s not the case with Six Month Smiles at Harwood Dental Care.

Six Month Smiles treatment is straightforward and ideal for improving the symmetry of your teeth, rounding out arches, improving overbite, alleviating crowding and improving gum levels. During your treatment, you will need to visit us once a month to have new tooth-coloured wires and elastics fitted, and to make sure your teeth are moving as they should. For more information, visit www.6monthsmiles.com

How do braces work?

All braces and retainers, whatever materials they’re made of and whether or not they’re clear, work by applying continuous pressure over a period of time to gradually move your teeth from A to B. As the teeth move, your jaw bone slowly reshapes, although it is usually necessary to wear a retainer at night after teeth straightening orthodontic treatment to help your teeth stay in the right position.

Can anyone wear braces?

Age really is just a number when it comes to wearing braces or aligners. We have patients in their 50s, 60s and beyond who have decided enough is enough when it comes to wanting a straighter smile. We also see children and teens, and all ages in between.

Different braces suit different alignment issues, priorities and budgets. If you’re worried about people knowing that you’re wearing a brace, for example, we would look at discreet clear braces. If budget is more of an issue, we can explore low cost options with you. If you have particularly complex alignment issues, we will advise you on the best brace system to correct these.

Above all, we will make our recommendations based on your individual case.

How long will my treatment take?

Each brace system and case is different. Clear braces that focus on the ‘social six’ top front teeth tend to work quicker than brace systems tackling more complex issues. If you want straighter teeth for a forthcoming event, let us know during your initial consultation and we can discuss quick-acting braces.

Will wearing braces affect my oral health?

It’s important that you follow a good oral health routine when you’re having orthodontic treatment. With a fixed brace system like Simply Smile or Six Month Smiles, you will need to clean carefully around the wires and brackets of your brace. Invisalign® is particularly popular because you can take the removable aligners out to eat and clean your teeth, which means that having orthodontic treatment should have a minimal effect on your daily routine.

When you come to us for clear braces, we will provide a thorough estimate of your proposed treatment, giving you complete visibility and choice before you commit to going ahead. If your cosmetic dental treatment is valued at £1,000 or more and you would like to spread the cost, we offer interest free and low interest finance for up to 24 months.

Clear bracesfrom £2,200