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Advanced Dental Technology and Care
Advanced Dental Technology and Care

Advanced Technology and Care

At Harwood Dental Care, we do everything we can to help clients feel great about visiting our dental practice and having treatment here. Using the most advanced technology plays an important role in this as it helps us to provide the very best dental care.

Dental technology is constantly evolving and we like to keep ahead of change. Investing in next-generation technology means that we can diagnose conditions and issues more accurately helping us to plan the most appropriate treatment for optimum results. It also enables us to visualise treatment and outcomes in new and more precise ways. From scanners and loupes to cameras and microscopes – we use technology to make decisions that are more informed and knowledgeable than ever before.

Just as importantly, some technology can also help to put people at ease (especially if they feel a little nervous about treatment). The Wand® (read more below) is a great example of this as it’s a less uncomfortable alternative to a traditional syringe for local anaesthetic. So many people feel nervous about injections making this technology a good way to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Technology that helps us to achieve best practice
  • More accurate diagnosis and customised treatment plans
  • Visualise treatment outcomes
  • Can reduce time in chair
  • Can help to reduce anxiety
  • Supports high cleanliness and health & safety standards
  • 3Shape Trios Dental Scanner

    3Shape Trios dental scanner enables us to take digital impressions more accurately than with traditional impression materials. This helps to ensure the best potential treatment results and reduces procedure time.

    • Improved patient comfort: eliminates the gagging reaction often experienced with traditional impressions
    • Superior fit: the digital images captured by the scanner are perfect in every sense, ensuring precise fit for crowns, veneers, bridges, implants and braces
    • Time saving: the speed of taking a digital impression results in a shorter appointment time
  • Zumax Dental Microscope

    Zumax dental microscope is an invaluable and advanced tool for carrying out root-canal (endodontic) treatment. Precision magnification and illumination enable us to perform treatment meticulously and accurately.

    • Helps to ensure the most accurate and precise treatment
    • Used primarily for root-canal treatment
  • Schick Digital Radiography

    Schick digital radiography provides an advanced X-ray and dental-imaging solution. The system provides superior imaging allowing us to diagnose accurately and make the most informed treatment decisions whilst minimising x-ray dosages.

    • We can pick up potential problems and diagnose more effectively
    • Helps us to provide the right treatment plan
    • Low-dose digital x-rays compared to conventional dental x-ray
  • Dental Loupes

    Dental loupes look like spectacles and magnify images to enhance vision and accuracy. They are worn by members of our team to help us see inside your mouth clearly.

    • Magnification helps us to assess and review your teeth and gums more accurately
    • Enables us to give clients more ‘personal space’ as we can see clearly without being really close
    • Helps to ensure the most accurate and precise treatment
  • Iris Intraoral Camera

    Iris intraoral camera highlights the smallest of details and transforms them into full-screen, high-resolution focus. This small digital camera that’s shaped like a pen helps us to diagnose cavities and problems that may not be visible to the naked eye. Just as importantly, our clients can see what we see to help them care for their teeth in better ways.

    • Helps you to view the inside of your mouth, teeth and gums in the same ways that we do
    • Can pick up issues and concerns that may not be spotted by the naked eye
  • TV Screens in All Rooms

    TV screens in all rooms help you to keep up to date and informed before and throughout treatment. They can also be a welcome distraction if you feel nervous about treatment.

    • Stay informed during your time at our practice
    • Can help to distract and calm if you feel nervous
  • The Wand® Computer Assisted Anaesthesia System

    The Wand® computer assisted anaesthesia system is a next-generation alternative to the traditional syringe for delivering local anaesthetic. It’s less painful which helps to reduce anxiety and doesn’t cause as much facial numbness.

    • Less painful than traditional syringe for local anaesthetic
    • Causes less numbness so you can get on with everyday life after treatment
  • Digital Dental Camera with Ring Flash

    Digital dental camera with ring flash allows us to precisely examine, assess and document treatment. Ring flash provides even illumination with fewer visible shadows for improved accuracy in cosmetic dentistry and tooth-shade matching.

    • Helps to effectively diagnose dental conditions and problems
    • You can view the photographs immediately to see the inside of your mouth for yourself
    • Improved precision with shade matching and cosmetic dental procedures
  • Eschmann Dental Autoclave

    Eschmann dental autoclave ensures superior safety and cleanliness of all our dental equipment and tools. The autoclave uses pressure, steam and an advanced post-sterilisation air-detection system to ensure sterility.

    • Sterility standards are extremely high
    • Peace of mind for all clients
  • The iTero Element Dental Scanner is an innovative 3D computer-imaging technology used to digitally scan your teeth and gums. Not only is a digital impression more comfortable, it’s also much more accurate. Once the scan is complete, your dentist will then have a 3D model of your mouth that can be used to create detailed crowns, bridges, implants, and Invisalign® clear aligners and retainers.

    • Improved patient comfort: eliminates the gagging reaction often experienced with traditional impressions
    • Simulated outcome for your Invisalign Treatment
    • More precise models for a superior final product
    • Time saving: the speed of taking a digital impression results in a shorter appointment time

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